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Evotech Sweeper Scrubber Machine

The Evotech all-in-one sweeping-scrubbing-drying machine saves you time and money with perfect results. Built with the focus of sweeping dirty floors and scrubbing using a solution of water & detergent, this all in one machine also uses 50% less water and detergent compared to traditional systems.

This new systems works by recovering the air flow from the suction motors and using two detergent solution lines, dispenses the solution under pressure through the nozzles. The compressed air tanks deliver a metered quantity of solution, giving a containment effect on both sides of the scrubbing unit that remain constant throughout the scrubbing process.

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Benefits of the Evotech Range
All-in-One cleaning machine
Uses 50% less water
Easy to operate
90Ltr water tank capacity
Sweeping & Scrubbing
Saving you time & money

All-in-One, easy to use, cleaning machine

The Evotech sweeping scrubber is each to operate and ensures a perfect finish on un-even surfaces all thanks to the spring loaded oscillating mechanism. This also provides real time information to the control unit which then applies corrections to ensure the brush is self levelling and keeping a constant pressure with the same bristle angle.

OMM ScrubberThis unique machine does not require spray guards or side bars as the forced airflow keeps the cleaning solution inside the width of the machine, allowing the squeegee which is no longer than the centre brush to ensure a complete drying process even with a very tight turning circle.

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