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Sweeping Machines Bedford

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, sweeping machines are an economical and environmentally friendly choice for any cleaning job which involves a large surface area of floor. Designed to work on a wide range of common finishes, including vinyl, concrete and carpet, these machines are ergonomically shaped to improve performance and achieve a superior standard of manoeuvrability.

Push sweepers are manually powered pieces of sweeping equipment which operate up to seven times faster than a regular broom. Ideal for environments where there is a limited power supply, push sweepers are straight-forward to operate and light to move. Generously sized waste containers ensure that jobs can be fully completed before emptying is required.

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Walk-behind vacuum sweepers use an energy-efficient motor to suck up unwanted grime and dust. Vacuum sweepers can be minutely adjusted to clean at a variety of heights and are ideal for effectively cleaning large industrial premises, warehouses or yards. Most can cope with movement over raised surfaces, as well as benefiting from a number of useful features such as different brushes for varying floor types, dust filters and low-maintenance designs.

When premium results are required across many metres of floor surface, ride-on sweeping machines are an excellent option. Although more expensive than some of the push sweepers, operatives can comfortably clean for hours at a time without needing to take a break to rest or empty the waste container. Highly durable and imaginatively styled to be virtually maintenance free, over time these pieces of machinery often prove the most economical cleaning option for operations of significant size.

Benefits of a sweeping machine
Covers Large Areas
Indoor & Outdoor Use
Saves you time & money
High Performance
Reliable & High Quality
Easy to use
Great manoeuvrability
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